Our Priorities

These priorities guide our strategies and investments.

They are a framework to coordinate the efforts of the Franklin County Digital Equity Coalition. 


Expand reliable, high-speed residential internet options in low-income neighborhoods in Franklin County at an affordable cost for under-resourced households.

Digital Life Skills

Expand and increase access to digital skills training with the addition of learning opportunities across provider organizations that support residents' individualized needs on a continuum from survival to career.

Device Access

Create a sustainable stream of different types of high-quality digital devices that are available at low to no-cost to benefit Franklin County residents who need them.

Outreach and Adoption

Establish and support a coordinated, multi-channel outreach approach that is activated by a distributed network of partners, effectively providing residents with information to do what they want and need to do online.

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The Franklin County Digital Equity Action Agenda

The Franklin County Digital Equity Action Agenda focuses on promoting digital equity and inclusion by addressing barriers to access and ensuring that all residents of Franklin County have the necessary resources and skills to fully participate in the digital economy.

Our 2020 Crisis Response

The Franklin County Digital Equity Coalition’s crisis response efforts have resulted in providing digital resources and support to underserved communities, including access to devices and broadband during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While this launched our current focus on the work, we look forward to ensuring that we are continually growing our impact, serving key demographics in our community.