Right now, too many families in our communities lack reliable or equal access to the Internet.

We want to change this.

The Franklin County Digital Equity Coalition is on a mission to spread awareness about and improve digital equity. We want to empower you to confidently make decisions about your service, and we want to encourage fairness among Internet providers.

One way we are doing this is by collecting better information about internet service across the community. You can help by taking the Internet Speed Test below to see how your service stacks up. Help us #AccelerateOhio.

Our Vision

We want to achieve digital equity through universal residential broadband adoption which includes affordability, devices, and digital life skills training and technical support, in order to ensure Franklin County residents have the tools necessary to support education, health, well-being, economic prosperity, and the ability to fully participate in society.

We believe this vision can be achieved through a coordinated community response and collaboration, as well as an effective advocacy strategy.


Franklin County's Digital Access Challenges

20% of Households

do not have a cable modem, DSL, or fiber internet account.

10% of Households

have internet access only through a cellular plan.

9% of Households

have no home broadbrand subscriptions, including a cellular plan.

Income Disparity

Households with income below $35k account for one-quarter (25%) of households in Franklin County, and account for 70% of the households without internet.

Age Disparity

65+ year olds account for 12% of the population, and they account for 30% of those without a computer or home internet.

Racial Disparity

Only 5.6% of white residents and 2.7% of Asian residents live without a computer or home internet subscription. In contrast, 11.3% of Hispanic/Latino and 11.8% of black/African American residents lack these tools.